Oh Ladies……I’m in heaven……I have found a tech guy and he works for pies!!!  No lie.  So the pages for the tutorials are back where they should be under the “resources” tab.  Spring is just around the corner for me and you know what that means…..BABIES!  Expecting 20-25 this year, mostly lambs and about 4-5 kids.  Orders will still go out on time, but the farmers wife will be a little distracted……meaning I run to the window for a head count about a jillion times a day.  Every year I say “Oh, Spring is my favorite time of year” until Fall comes………



Welcome to the Paisley Pincushion,
a special little place where the
“need to create” meets up with the
“need to be modest”. Almost every pattern
has come about because of some problem
with my current choices. Either the fabric
was wrong or my scale in the bathroom
was telling me numbers that wouldn’t
look good in the pattern I had selected.
Changes had to be made! And this is
what happened. So wander through
these pages, envision yourself and your sweeties
wearing lovely garments that are not so trendy,
but feminine and decent…..made by you.



Happy creating,