Controlling Myself

control journal 5678

My little Control Journal

Morning Peoples,

Always onto something new, today is the day of my new “Control Journal”.  Belonging to a weight loss group that meets every Monday morning, we are on the quest for a  “Food Chart/Journal/Recording Keeping”  kind of booklet for ourselves.  Seeing what the reality of my life on paper sure puts a damper on crazy eating and forgetting to do things like vitamins and exercise.  Don’t forget that we are to drink a tanker full of water EVERYDAY.

Spent a bit of time on Pinterest looking at others ideas, hoping for the perfect page to be a free printable and do just what I wanted.  Well, you know how that goes……too involved, too messy, too much!  Make my own, I said.

But before you get to the page, consider making your own, it was fun and not so bad.  What do you want control over?  How to build my perfect page?

Start with the best part…..

1.  Pick a font, I wanted one I loved.

2.  Set page to “Landscape,”

3.  Set my columns on “2,”

4.  Started filling in my blanks.  Build one side, then copy and paste for the other side.

Of course you can use pretty paper  (once the bugs are ironed out).

Please remember that I’m not a computer superstar, this would be easy for someone who diddles around all day on the keys….not me.  For all I know there is a much easier way to do this……but it worked and I love it.

Control JournalDate     click here for one side of 8.5 x 11 page.  Print one side them carefully flip to make the backside……we are on our way to make a little Control Journal.

Once I had the pages printed (10 total, giving me 40 days of entries), they were folded and sewn down the middle.  My sewing machine didn’t even blink at 10 pages.  Make stitches longer and leave long tails to tie off.

Then find some thinner cardboard and trim to 1/2″ larger all the way around your page.  Score middle spine for easy bending.  Bend gently.  Wrap in some wonderful printed fabric and you won’t mind seeing every day.

Cover ugly edges on the inside with cardstock.  Got to use one of a bazillion pairs of those cute scissors I keep picking up at Goodwill.  Glue in place at the edge.

control journal 1

Cutting cardboard to make cover…..1/2″ larger around than page


control journal 2

Run a blunt thing down the spine to help cardboard to bend…..bend gently.

control journal 3

After wrapping fabric around cardboard, gluing in place, add cover piece to hide ugly edges.

control journal 4

Here is the inside ready to be held in place by ribbon or cord.

Using large eyed needle, pierce cover above pages, do this on both ends.  Tie in bow on outside.

Using large eyed needle, pierce cover above pages, do this on both ends. Tie in bow on outside.



Ribbon holds pages in place easily.


Used up your pages? Slip them out…..print some more and pop into place.


control journal 5678

Ribbon is secured with knot, then a bow. Slip out inner pages as they get full.

So now its done…..and tomorrow the first post will land on my pages.  Ladies this is a first time  kind of project for me, if you are a real “paper person”, just pat me on the head and say….”its okay, hon, we all understand”.  I do fabric, and it is a little more forgiving than paper.  Huge learning curve today, but this just opens up another can of worms…….