Goose Berries & Birds

The other evening, in the garden I saw my very first live Cedar Wax Wings.  What a treat, so fluffy and the color was amazing.  Ran for my bird book, read up on them, yep, a real pair of Cedar Wax Wings .  They were sitting by my Aronia bushes and I could tell they were making plans for a picnic when the berries were ripe.  Haha on them, that was weeks away, and I have netting plans. Little did I know, they actually were casting their eyes on my just ripening goose berries.  A handful of berries disappeared in a couple of days, ACTION was required.  Not having a large harvest, I needed every berry….. in the house.  My mom said that the birds would eat hers in a day, every single berry. Up and at ‘em, picked the whole crop, firm little bits of tartness to be made into jam.  Not a large picking as there are berries on only 3 plants……small ones at that.  Off to Pinterest now to find a Goose Berry Recipe…….not too many to pick from, what to do…… after some adjustments, we now have……. 

“Before the Birds Come”

Goose Berry Jam

About 8.5 cups of biscuit hugging yumminess.

5 C. ground goose berries

7 C. sugar

1 t. butter

1-2 drops red food coloring (my berries are green & I wanted reddish jelly)

washed and dried pretty jelly jars

canning lids with rings

Most recipes say to test for jelling on a plate that you had placed in the freezer….but I can’t make that work because the plate then gets wet with the warm kitchen air and it just doesn’t seem a good way to test because my jelly is sitting in water on the plate.

So the other recipes I looked at said to run the temperature to 8 degrees above boiling. I took mine to 10 or 11 degrees about boiling. I want it jelled.

Pick, rinse, and remove stems and tails. Use you thumb nail or sharp knife to clean the fruit. Rinse again.

Run through the food processor til well chopped. Stop and stir down at least once to get the chunks.

Put ground berries into a largish pot, add sugar and butter (to keep down the foam). Clip thermometer on to pan. Using long spoon, stir as you begin to heat.

After the temp reaches 220 to 222 degrees, add the food coloring and mix in.

Pour into jars, add lids and rings……put in boiling water for 10 minutes. Remove and cool on counter. Oh indeed, it is lovely isn’t it? After 24 hours on counter, it will be firm.

That little bit that doesn’t fit into the jars……well, that is for snitching.

Biscuit, anyone?