Afternoon Ladies,

With 3 goats in milk, that’s about 4 to 5 quarts a day……one must do something with it! Usally I put it into soft goat cheese blocks that have added herbs and dried tomatoes.  But this last couple of months I’ve turned my direction to Swiss cheese.

A bit on cheese: it uses bacterias that grow and give it the flavor and texture.  For Swiss, it needs the bacteria that tastes like Swiss, but then it needs another one to make it “grow” the holes.  Being out of the “hole” maker…..looked on google, Swiss cheese without the holes is called “blind Swiss cheese”.  Haha, no eyes……not kidding.

So its Swiss time, one of the troubles is keeping it the right tempurature to “grow” the flavor.  The kitchen counter is perfect, but my kitchen is tiny…..and adding rounds of cheese is a problem.  Off to Goodwill, open my brain, what would work, what would work.

Look what I found, I have no idea what it is, but with my wire cutters and chicken wire, out came the coolest cheese aging rack ever.  It hangs from my wrought iron pot rack.

Cute little cheese aging rack.

Cute little cheese aging rack.

Other Projects in my kitchen.  Have you ever heard of “Melt & Pour Soap”?  It’s finished soap, but its plain.  It comes in bricks, wrapped in cellophane and is ready for additives.

These cute little bars are called “Rough Rooster Soap Bars”.  They smell like the meadow and are filled with corn meal and borax soap grains.  Its a gardener soap that is used for scrubbing ones hands after working in the dirt.  The yummy yellow color came from a tiny amount of turmeric.  This was my first try at shrink wrap using the plastic wrap in the kitchen and a blow dryer.  It worked great……and all the needed things were readily available without a trip to town.

Rough Rooster Soap Bars.

Rough Rooster Soap Bars.

What else is new?  Wait til you see this…’s Molly’s high school graduation quilt.  And she graduated 10 years ago.  Ug.  The thing is…..she only wanted one quilt…..and this one was easier done by hand.  Each star is fussy cut, there is only one duplicate and then each star is hand set in the cream.  Well after that, I couldn’t just machine quilt it….so that was hand done also.  Then came the binding… get the picture.  It is a true labor of love.  Molly lives far far away in Switzerland….and this could not be trusted to the mail system.  When she came for Bonnie’s wedding in December, I made sure it was done on time.  We had real tears of delight when Molly opened….from both of us.

Wrapped up in Molly's Quilt.

Wrapped up in Molly’s Quilt.

Guess I’ll go and leave you to your surfing……Oh by the way, there will be a newsletter coming in the next few days and it will have my first sale in it.  It’s stretching my computer challenged brain to get it worked out….but it should be 30% off of 3 or more purchase.  It will last for 1 month. And remember, free shipping in this country…..and low shipping for my out of country sewers!


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