Sewing Links

These are little spots I go to….for inspiration and or instruction.  It’s not just sewing either…..but knitting, gardening……

1.  If you are a knitter and don’t go here…..come on and give it a try.  It’s more brain candy for yarn addicts than you can stand.  First time I went to it, wanted to see how many sock patterns they had.  Five HUNDRED pages (20-24 each) of sock patterns.  No kidding.  Then I narrowed my search to “Free sock patterns” and up came 278 pages of socks to be knit for free.  All you need is a good printer and lots of ink cartridges :}  There is also crochet on there and you can store your favorites….brain candy!!!!

You have to get “invited” to this free site, but it’s worth the wait, usually less than a week.


2.  My latest passion place for brain candy is “Pinterest”, it’s another place that you have to be “invited” to.  You just surf pictures, almost any topic…..home dec., children, recipes, excersize, you name it.  The neat thing about Pinterest is……each picture links to the original article about what you are looking at……and most come with instructions or more info.  This site also lets you save pictures you love.  I’m new to this site, but when I go and see the things that have been set aside in my favorites….it’s very neat.


3.  Pretty much, any more……if you are “working” on something, be it sewing, knitting, frosting cupcakes, whatever, somebody has made a Youtube about it.  I have sat with my knitting in my lap and watched some other knitter walk me through the steps I’m stuck on.  Beauty of watching a video in your own home is that you can pause it and catch up.


4.   This is a wonderful site of earthy living and tips for very feminine farmlife.  More inspiration to think ‘outside the box’…..’less is more’…..   She has gotten more commercialized in the last couple of years, but her early stuff is great.  She lives and farms in Idaho.

5.  For the cook in you.  Great site for finding recipes.  But best part is the reviews…..helps weed out the yucky recipes in a hurry.  Also has a storage cache for your favorites.

6.  Often do my culture & enzyme shopping for cheesemaking here.

7.  This is a growing site for the handmade craft items.  I’ve found some very unusal things on here.  They take paypal, c. cards and just about everything else inbetween.  It’s a simpler, kinder type of ebay if you will.